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Creative Portfolio

Welcome to my professional showcase, where I proudly unveil my role as a Senior Marketing Executive specializing in paid advertising management. As the guiding force behind ad creatives for PPC display and paid social ads, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Recognizing the critical importance of capturing consumer attention, I meticulously oversee the crafting of ad copies, headlines, and imagery.

In my capacity as a senior marketing executive, I lead a talented team of designers, providing them with strategic direction rooted in my deep understanding of consumer engagement. My expertise lies in developing innovative strategies for platforms like LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, aiming to not only meet client branding but also to deliver outstanding performance.

Within my recent accomplishments, I take pride in steering my team towards creating compelling ad creatives that have translated into remarkable outcomes. These successes include substantial increases in clicks, impressions, reach, and the generation of high-quality leads for our esteemed clientele. Additionally, my valuable insights have played a pivotal role in collaborating with marketing specialists to develop and optimize websites, contributing to enhanced reach and conversion rates in our paid social advertising endeavors.

Drawing from my extensive experience and forward-thinking approach, I have consistently driven success for our valued clients. I am dedicated to my role in generating impactful campaigns that foster heightened engagement and substantial growth. As I look ahead, I am eager to utilize my skills to continue propelling success for future projects, anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with new clients and further contribute to the dynamic field of paid social media management.

My Projects

AquaShine CarWash

Attorney Trust Guss


Clean Touch Cleaners

Construct Sun

Dripped Birria


Esquire Cleaners

Feed Wagons

Happy Heart

Hotchkiss Insurance

Kingwood ER

LaFleur Mi Amor

Lahkani McGrath


Loan Bull

Main Bird

Rice Emergency Roon

Root Hair

Silverlake Emergency Room

Team Dermatology

Team X-treme

Tony Provost Insurance

Glow MedSpa

Dillan Whitehall

A Digital Marketing/Advertising Specialist with a track record of success over 5+ years.